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When Scott Price and Roger Campbell founded CustomerCentrix, their primary objective was to build a business that would focus on making their customers successful. Hence the name: Customer - centered. Too many times they had witnessed the corporate mentality of sacrificing customer service for quarterly profit margin. Not here; not at CustomerCentrix.

CustomerCentrix is a technology company which provides training, consulting, and application development services. Our company was founded on the principle that we must focus on our customer's business needs. All of our decisions must be scrutinized by how they affect our customers. With us, customer satisfaction is a passion. We believe this commitment to our customers will ultimately be our greatest asset and most significant contributor to our long-term success.

Another key to understanding CustomerCentrix is to know our employees. Each of us has a keen desire to provide absolute customer satisfaction. We have various backgrounds and professional experiences, but we are united in the common goal of our mission --

"Put our customers at the center of business decisions."


LoadStorm® is the creation of a web development team officially incorporated as CustomerCentrix.


Customer Centrix

Customer Centrix, LLC.
Albuquerque, NM 87191

P.O. Box 14189 - New Mexico

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Telefon: 1 (505) 503-6249

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LoadStorm is a cloud load testing tool.