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Tools dieses Herstellers

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INE Enterprise

INE-Enterprise is an extremely costeffective, feature-rich (Gigabit - 10/100/1000) network environment emulator that offers

excellent price-to-function performance acvailable.  INE-Enterprise is the ideal tool for emulating the conditions likely to be

encountered in a live application rollout, reducing the potential for costly failure & embarrassment.

Using INE Enterprise you will be able to  see:

How your applications perform when placed in a ‘real’ network?

Whether increasing bandwidth will really increase performance?

How an application will perform when deployed over a long distance (e.g. in a WAN)?

If it is possible to reduce bandwidth without suffering loss of performance?

How robust the application is to packet loss/damage or reordering?

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INE for Windows

INE for Windows is a low cost, simple-to-use personal (1-Port) network emulator designed to install onto the Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 platform and allow some or all of the applications running on that Windows system to “experience” realistic network conditions when accessing the network, rather than the near perfect LAN they’re connected to.