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About the portal

Testtool Review is the information platform on the international market of software testing tools. Here you can find all appreciable software testing tools – classified by areas of application. The platform languages are English and German.

Users of the platform do not only have the opportunity to inform themselves here, but can actively participate and interchange experiences and tips on the platform!

The platform is run as an offer of information for clients, prospects and the global software testing community by imbus AG, the leading provider and expert in the sector of software testing.

The stored data and information about tools and producers are thoroughly collected:

  • Research by platform operator: imbus is monitoring the tool market and searches on the internet and other publicly available sources. Tools and tool manufacturers, which are considered as relevant by the operator, are admitted to the portal. The respective tools are categorized based on the gathered information. After that the manufacturer is invited to sign up and handle the further data administration.

  • Manufacturer’s information: Tool manufacturers have the possibility to register as manufacturers on the platform free of charge. Then the registered manufacturer is assigned his “own” tools in the portal. From that point in time the manufacturer undertakes the further completion, maintaining and update of all manufacturers’ data as well as those of the tool.

  • Community’s information: Visitors and users of the platform can contact and inform the operator or the respective manufacturer, if a tool is missing in the tool list. If the respective manufacturer has already been registered on the platform, the manufacturer decides if he adds the tool to the list. If the respective manufacturer hasn’t already been registered, the operator checks whether the tool can be assigned to one of the listed tool categories. If so, the tool is included in the appropriate category in the list. After that the manufacturer is invited to sign up and handle the further data administration.

Any guarantee for the correctness, currency or completeness of this information and these data yet cannot be given by operator.