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11 Oasis Business Park, Eynsham
OX29 4TP - Oxford

United Kingdom

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +44 (0) 1865 884600

Mobile: +447454390774

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Agile Designer™

Agile Designer™ lets you build quality into your software from the start by mapping requirements to clear, unambiguous visual flow charts.

Agile Designer™ is a one stop shop for requirements definition and test casesAgile Designer™ lets you design the perfect set of test cases, find and make the ‘right’ data, link expected results to tests and data, cut defect creation by up to 95% and build clearly-defined outsourcing work packages from visual flows.

Already building your requirements in another tool, such as HP ALM, Blueprint or URequire? Import existing requirements and test cases from BPM tools directly into Agile Designer™. This lets you optimise your existing work and build higher quality into the Software Development Lifecycle earlier.

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Datamaker™ is a complete test data management suite for the provisioning of high-quality, compliant test data that is 'fit for purpose'. In addition to achieving compliance through its powerful, stand-alone data masking and subsetting components, Datamaker™ allows users to create 'fit for purpose', 'synthetic' test data. 'Synthetic' test data can be created with all the characteristics of production data, but with no trace of the original, making it even more secure than masked data. 'Synthetic' test data also maximises the code coverage, variation and volume of your data without the need to store bulky copies of production data. The result: a more efficient, more compliant, higher quality development.

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Fast Data Masker™

Fast Data Masker™ is the visionary, high-performance data masking solution from Grid-Tools. Achieve compliance with data protection legislation and meet your data privacy and short-term challenges.


Masking sensitive data is a mandatory operation for modern organisations. The average cost per incident of data breach worldwide is $3.5m (Ponemon Institute, 2014). In the US, the risk was as high as $5.85m. Yet, in as many as 59% of these incidents, the risk could have been mitigated by implementing best practices in securing sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII).


Fast Data Masker™ provides a powerful, systematic solution for securing sensitive database, mainframe and flat file records and ensuring compliance with current data protection legislation. Use mathematically-based data discovery to identify all of the potentially sensitive data across multiple systems and provide multi-dimensional views of how the data is related within your back-end systems.

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