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A Leading Company in Embedded System Development
Over Three Decades of Quality and Performance

GAIO TECHNOLOGY, founded in 1980, is a leading company in the field of embedded tools and services. We provide a comprehensive range of embedded tools including high-performance cross compilers, static analysis tools, unit testing tools and embedded system simulators for developers of numerous companies in a variety of industries.

Recently with the scale of embedded software getting larger and larger, developers need reliable verification tools to assist in the development process. One such tool is GAIO's 'No.1 SystemSimulator,' which tests software behavior virtually without connecting an MPU or target device.

Additionally, GAIO offers numerous embedded system development services including custom hardware and firmware development, MPU boards, DSP boards, System LSIs as well as other applications.


4F. Yokohama Creation
Square Building
5-1, Sakae-cho Kanagawa-ku



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Phone: +81-45-440-1507

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CoverageMaster winAMS

Automated embedded software unit test tool
Performs unit testing on unmodified MPU target code
Automatically create input test data using the static analysis tool 'CasePlayer2'
Supports function/call coverage measurement required at the integraion level test
Certified by TÜV SÜD as a tool that meets ISO26262/IEC61508 standard

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