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Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and software components for the development of electronic systems and their networking based on CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet and MOST as well as multiple CAN based protocols.

The Vector know-how is reflected in a wide range of tools as well as in integrated consulting services with software and systems engineering. Workshops and seminars complete the manifold training program. Customers from the automotive engineering, the commercial vehicle, aerospace, transportation and control technologies around the world trust in the solutions and products from the independently-owned Vector Group.

Vector Informatik GmbH was founded in 1988. About 1,290 employees work for Vector Informatik and Vector Consulting Services in Stuttgart/Germany or in one of the subsidiaries in USA, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, the Republic of Korea, India, China and Brazil. The group’s revenue in 2013 was 219 million Euros.


Vector Informatik GmbH

Ingersheimer Straße 24
70499 - Stuttgart


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Phone: +49 711 806700

Fax: +49 711 80670-111

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Vector OpenTest

Vector OpenTest is a software framework for model-based creation of ECU tests.


Overview of advantages:

- Modeling of tests using graphic test sequences. Test models simplify reviews with project participants.

- Test cases and executable test scripts are automatically generated from the test models

- Create tests for ECU platforms and their variants in a structured way

- Enhanced productivity and test quality by re-use of test models and sequences as well as basic generic test functions

- Methodology and test models are independent of the HIL system used. Currently, OpenTest supports the test execution system CANoe from Vector. Due to its framework character, it can readily support other HIL systems.

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