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 We are tracetronic

 We know exactly how software for automobiles is developed and we use this know-how for highly efficient test automation – in the automotive sector and all related industries. In test case after test case, we check every change in the software code – no matter how small – and in every conceivable physical and virtual test environment.

ecu.test | tracetronic GmbH


We love testing

 Especially if the test processes are well thought out, easy to handle and fully automated. For this purpose, we have developed a platform in which our tools seamlessly interlock and allow continuous testing throughout the entire DevOps process of vehicle development.

Platform | tracetronic GmbH


And we love challenges

 With our solutions for areas such as autonomous driving, infotainment and virtual testing, we take test automation to a new level and test modern vehicle functions long before the vehicle hits the road.

Infotainment Testing | tracetronic GmbH


TraceTronic GmbH

Stuttgarter Str. 3
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Tools from this manufacturer

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ecu.test ['e: 'tse: 'u: 'tɛst] is our tool for testing automotive software. You can connect it to numerous tools and you can also easily integrate it into your workflow.


ecu.test | tracetronic GmbH

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scenario.architect creates driving maneuvers for every situation

With the scenario.architect, you can iteratively develop ubiquitous road traffic situations, such as overtaking maneuvers, traffic jam situations or dangerous spots while the behavior of the vehicles involved can be easily specified.

scenario.architect | tracetronic GmbH


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Mit [ˈtɛstˈɡaɪd] kannst du deine Softwaretests von Anfang bis Ende organisieren, analysieren, überwachen und verwalten. Außerdem dient es allen beteiligten Stakeholdern als gemeinsame Basis für die rollenübergreifende Zusammenarbeit. | tracetronic GmbH


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trace.check [trɛɪ̯s'tʃɛk] is our tool for trace analysis. This begins once the test is completed – with the detailed analysis of the recorded measurement data of a test case based on your requirements.

trace.check | tracetronic GmbH


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