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andagon GmbH

Scheidtweilerstr. 4
50933 - Cologne


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Phone: +49 (0)221 4744 10160

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The Smart Solution for Test Management of the Future

From efficient testing to agile enterprise architectures -

All employees benefit from these key features, because aqua connects the entire company.


Reporting Deluxe

aqua saves your time: View the current project status quickly and perfectly at any time. The necessary report is available directly at the push of a button - for everyone.


Full Traceability

aqua increases your transparency: Automatic linking of your test cases with defined requirements and documented defects. Test coverage is easier than ever before.


Test Automation Control

aqua integrates tools out-of-the-box: You use Selenium, Jenkins, JMeter or others? aqua orchestrates them all! Benefit from the elimination of countless manual test hours.


Jira? No problem!

aqua comes with the aqua4Jira plugin: This allows you to add manual and automated test cases to Jira elements. The automatic synchronisation enables you to work effectively with Jira.


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