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NE 68th 10512 #102C
98033 - Kirkland


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Phone: +1 425/8277200 

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Unlike other tools, which insert checking functions into your source or object code, HeapAgent instruments the heap. This technique has three powerful advantages. First, it provides unsurpassed heap error detection. Second, you DON'T need to recompile or relink* -- HeapAgent works on regular debug builds! And third, HeapAgent can check for errors using idle cycles in a background thread -- WITHOUT slowing your app.  SmartHeap is a fast (3X-100X faster than compiler-supplied libraries), portable (Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Dec OSF Tru64, SGI Irix), reliable, ANSI-compliant malloc/operator new library. SmartHeap supports multiple memory pools, includes a fixed-size allocator, and is thread-safe.

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