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QF-Test is the established tool for professional GUI test automation of desktop, web, mobile applications as well as PDF documents. On the market since 2001, the test tool is continuously being actively developed and is currently used by more than 1,500 companies across 60 countries.  

QF-Test is a low-code GUI test tool that allows you to efficiently create test cases, e.g. using Capture/Replay, without any programming knowledge across platforms on Windows, Linux and macOS. For software developers, Jython, Groovy or JavaScript offer advanced scripting possibilities. 

Tests can be run automatically via continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and generate detailed log files and XML or HTML reports.  

Use QF-Test to create robust and stable regression tests for various GUI technologies. QF-Test supports all types of Java GUIs, ranging from Swing (including ULC, JIDE components, CaptainCasa), its successor JavaFX, as well as the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and Eclipse, including plugins and RCP applications. 

You can also use QF-Test to test dynamic web applications based on Angular, React or Vue.js, for example, including Electron and hybrid applications using JxBrowser, JPro or WebSwing, for example.  


Learn more at www.qfs.de.

Contact us at service@qfs.de and we will help you find the right place for QF-Test in your organization!

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