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Verifysoft Technology GmbH

In der Spöck 10 - 12
77656 - Offenburg


Phone: +49 781 63 92-027

Fax: +49 781 63 92-029

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GrammaTech CodeSonar

GrammaTech static analysis for C, C++, and Java is designed for organizations that have zero tolerance for defects and vulnerabilities in their code. GrammaTech CodeSonar® is the most powerful source code analysis system available today. It is extraordinarily precise, finding on average 2 times more serious defects in software than other solutions.

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Testwell CMT++/CMT Java

Based on the static properties of the program code CMT++ and CMTJava gives estimates how error prone the program source code is due to its complexity, how long it will take to understand the code, what is the logical volume of the code, etc ...
As the project team has not usually time to inspect all the code produced by the project, CMT++/CMTJava can assist in locating the modules, which are most likely to cause problems in the future.

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Testwell CTC++

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser for C and C++ is a powerful and easy to use Code/Test Coverage Tool which shows the parts of the code which have been executed (tested).

The tool analyses for all coverage levels as required in "critical" projects, and helps to ensure highest code quality. The tool is compliant to Safety Standards

DO 178-C / ED-12C (Aerospace), EN 50128 (Railway), IEC 61508 (electronic safety-related systems), IEC 62304 (Medical), ISO 26262 (Automotive), IEC 60880 (Nuclear Power).  The Tool Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++ is available.

Testwell CTC++ can be used with all (even smallest) embedded targets, all compilers and cross-compilers (with only one CTC++ license).


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