Tool manufacturers have the possibility to register as manufacturers on the platform free of charge.

After the successful registration your company’s tools that have already been entered in the portal, are allocated to you as the manufacturer. From that point in time you (the manufacturer) undertake the further completion, maintaining and update of all manufacturer’s data as well as those of the tool.

You can complete or update your manufacturer’s data as well as those of the tool anytime. Of course, you have the possibility to add new tools or ban products that are no longer available, too.


As a distributor you have the possibility to assign to tools you are selling.

Please notice, that you just can assign to tools. You are not able to edit or add tools. This option is only valid for the manufacturer accout. After the successful registration as a distributor you can send your request to the manufacturer.


In order to use these possibilities and the corresponding functions of the platform, click here and fill out the form.

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