Test data management – accurate and practice-oriented

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Test data management – accurate and practice-oriented

imbus announces cooperation with the tool manufacturer Ekobit

Moehrendorf/Zagreb, 27 January 2016 – Everybody, who handles test data, knows how demanding the topic can get and how quickly “burden” accumulates in the form of most diverse and unfocused solutions. imbus helps to “tidy up”: The imbus consultants support with practice-approved know-how, methodology and efficient tool support. The tool repertory as of now also includes BizdataX from Ekobit.

“Test data management (TDM) without the right tool can easily get a Sisyphus work”, explains imbus head of sales Rolf Glunz. “This is why we are so pleased to be able to recommendBizDataX to our customers. It is not only mighty and flexible tool but also user-friendly.”

“With regard to the competencies in the test data management context, Ekobit could not wish for a better BizDataX implementation partner”, says Ekobit chief executiveVedran Brničević.

Whether a structured test data management needs to be set up or already existing TDM processes must be optimized: imbus’ four-stage process model makes test data management easy to handle.

After an overview over the current situation and after sorting out the customer-specific TDM goals, the imbus consultants in collaboration with the customers create a comprising TDM concept. Following this, the most suitable tools are chosen and the new process is implemented and established.

A strong test data management helps to lower the costs for software development and testing. Data protection requirements and compliance requirements are complied with and the risk of data theft is reduced. The quality of the entire software tests is improved thanks to the higher quality of the test data.

Please visit www.imbus.de/en/consulting/test-data-management and www.bizdatax.com for further information.


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