Have the tool comparison now in black and white

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Have the tool comparison now in black and white


Testtool Review 3.4 features new Excel chart function


Moehrendorf, 14 October 2014 – Out of a range of more than 200 tools, users can find at Testtool Review precisely those, which are exactly tailored for their individual requirements. Thanks to the now released TTR version 3.4, the search results can be quickly and easily fixed in written form: the hits are exported to a csv file at the push of a button.

The search function at www.testtoolreview.de offers the possibility to go through the alphabetically sorted tools or filter by one or more key words or criteria like the tool category, for example. By means of the function „Download tool comparison” the listed tools are automatically shown in a csv chart. Registered users get a csv file that contains all search results, whereas not yet registered users get one with the top three search hits.

The results table does not only contain the tool names but also the manufacturers and URLs leading to further information. Find the tool list with all its features at www.testtoolreview.de/en/testtool-overview.


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