Test smart with TestBench 2.4.1

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Test smart with TestBench 2.4.1

News features in the user-defined fields

Moehrendorf, 12 August 2015 – The TestBench 2.4.1 provides now even more usability. Among other things, the definition of the user-defined fields was completely revised for the new version.

It has always been easy to develop and implement software tests quickly and efficiently with the TestBench from imbus. Plus, thanks to the just published update 2.4.1, testing is getting even smarter: The user-defined fields cannot only be defined for test specification and test execution but now also separately for test topics, test sets and test cases. This allows the TestBench users to paste customer-specific values in every place within the testing structure – so it’s geared for their needs.

In addition, the visualization of the test status was revised: The project status, test object version status and test cycle status are marked separately in the project tree and depicted by icons.

Coinciding with the TestBench 2.4.1 release, the new TestBench customer forum goes online, too. It’s an exclusive platform for registered TestBench users, all contents can only be seen by logged-in users. In the forum, users can discuss their experiencesconcerning the TestBench, pose questions directly to the TestBench supportand the imbus consultants, communicate feedback on the TestBench and download add-ons and the newest versions.

Visit www.imbus.de/en/testbench/new-version-241/ for further information about the TestBench 2.4.1. TestBench users are given access to the customer forum by the TestBench support.


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