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Testing is getting even smarter now

TestBench 2.4 with features for static analysis, test execution and administration


Moehrendorf, 9 September 2014 – Easy test specification and automation, reusable elements, integrated configuration management: Because of these and other features, it has always been easy to develop and implement software tests with TestBench quickly and efficiently. The update 2.4 is available now –with it number of smart new functions.

The user administration has been revised for TestBench version 2.4. Directory services via LDAP allow administrating the accounts centrally. Now users can be centrally logged out or temporarily deactivated.

When it comes to programming, the static code analysis has already been used for a long time in order to detect defects in the source code early by means of formal checks. With TestBench 2.4, it’s now also possible to statically analyze test cases. That way, process requirements for the tests and the compliance with organizational rules can be checked automatically and formal defects can be avoided from the start.

Another version 2.4 feature: The assistant for manual test execution is more comfortable when it comes to setting test results over entire test procedures. It allows setting hyperlinks during the gathering of defects.

Reporting with Microsoft Word improved, too. The templates’ design is simpler and the template is more robust to automatic changes by MS Word. The handling of the typefaces has been made more user-friendly in the editors within the TestBench as well as the document generation.

Visit www.imbus.de/english/imbus-testbench/at-a-glance/new-version-24 for a brief summary of all TestBench 2.4 innovations.





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