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Out now: Release 2.4 with data-driven testing extension!


Imagine there are various data sets that you have to run the same tests on. What do you do? Of course, you are creating a test case for each data set. But doing this manually can be a time-consuming task! It is also challenging to maintain or modify the test cases.

The solution to the problem is a testing approach called data-driven testing (DDT). It helps you to rapidly define a large volume of test cases, especially if they only differ in detail. Data-driven testing provides a reusable test logic separated from the test data.

With TestBench’s data-driven testing extension, it is sufficient to create only one abstract “master” test case that illustrates the workflow you want to test. Choose what is to be replaced by variable data. These so-called parameters are reflected as the headers for your data table columns. Enter your concrete test data into the table. For each set of data, one concrete test case is instantly created.

Only with TestBench, every derived concrete test case is displayed immediately. You can switch to view the abstract test case, any concrete test cases for it, or the data table. Differences and modifications are visible at any time. This allows you to add changes and keep track of them quickly!


The current release has, of course, even more to offer than the data-driven testing extension.

TestBench’s Home Screen appears in a new clean layout, presenting more details at one glance. Mark your favorite products and see them at the top of the screen.

Choose the new grid view for the Product Home Screen to see all product elements like Epics, User Stories, Test Cases, and Defects as an easy-to-read list. Sort the items on the list as you like.

The filters come along in a fresh design. Try out new filtering functionalities; now it is possible to use the same filter element as, for example, “filter by field” multiple times in one filter. Save filters by name and use your saved filters in tile view, table view, statistics, or history.

With the current release, another language is available for the user interface. Choose between English, German, and now also Spanish. The content translation has two new language versions to offer; now American and British English are available as well as European and Brazilian Portuguese.

Curious about the new features? Register for the free basic version of TestBench and start testing right away!


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