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HP Unified Functional Testing

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HP Quicktest und Service Test vereint in EINEM Tool. Somit ist es auf einfachste Weise möglich End2End Testfälle zu automatisieren, deren Ablaufkette neben GUI auch Services beinhalten und das vollintegriert in einem Tool.

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Test Automation, General


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HP Unified Functional Testing
MICRO FOCUS +49(0)89 420940 +49(0)8942094444
Fraunhoferstraße 7 85737 Ismaning GERMANY
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Fraunhoferstraße 7

85737 Ismaning


+49(0)89 420940


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04.02.2017 by Alexander Orlovsky

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5

Black Box testing can be memory expensive, some problem of this tool with identifying object id of ui Objects.

04.02.2017 by Alexander Orlovsky

I worked with this tool almost a year and found its usage of script language visual basic as very strange, not that i didn't liked the experience, but the way as the data handled in this tool not always perfect and takes sometimes too much memory and time to debug the test, in my case it was black box testing of .Net applcations with input and output of data and with different type of configurations and testing result in the database.