In this category you will find tools which have to do with test data and with the task to manage them.

Test data management tools are essential for an efficient test data management. They facilitate and automate test data related tasks which are difficult to manage manually or where it is practical impossible to do it manually.

The listed tools offer a different spectrum of at least one of the following functionalities: data generation, data anonymisation, data extraction, data validation, data migration, data versioning, data archiving and structural analysis of the data.

In principle, the stated functions can be divided in two main categories: TDM functions and TDM support functions. While the TDM functions represent TDM’s main functionalities, the support functions are important functions which usefully compliment TDM but belong rather to data management.




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13.11.2013 by

Dear Test data management community,
my name is Dirk Reimann and I am a Senior Consultant at imbus AG in Munich. I am ISTQB® (Advanced Level Test management) and PMP®(PMI) certified.
Currently my main activity is focused on Test Data Management.
Test Data and the management of those data form a very exciting and not uncommonly a rather complex field. Many of our customers are deeply involved in this area of testing. I am glad of the possibility to moderate this theme at this place and I am looking forward for an exchange of according experiences.